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Take your fitness to the next level with Pilates classes in the Inland Empire

The Pilates Co. wants you to see the results you are hoping for, and we want you to have fun every step of the way. Our Pilates classes are available in our four studios throughout the Inland Empire, including in Temecula, Menifee, and Riverside. Whether you are a first timer or an active fitness enthusiast, we invite you to take advantage of our New Client Special!

Our energetic yet low-impact classes are led by encouraging, friendly coaches who make each class a new experience. Classes are offered in three levels, and our coaches are trained to keep you safe as you work toward your goals. When you leave our studio after each incredible Pilates workout, you feel energized throughout your mind, body and soul.

Get the full-body workout you need through Pilates reformer classes

Pilates reformer classes at The Pilates Co. are the perfect way to shake up your current fitness routine while getting the full-body workout that you crave. Regardless of which studio you visit, you will have a fun workout in a clean, judgment-free environment.

Some exercises at other gyms can feel intimidating or judgmental, but The Pilates Co. only gives you a fun exercise in a welcoming atmosphere. Each reformer class includes resistance training with spring tension, so you can adjust this low-impact exercise to suit your current fitness level. Through stretching, strengthening, flexibility, and balance exercises, your resistance workout will leave you feeling healthy physically and mentally.

Are you ready to experience a better way to achieve your total-body fitness goals? Sign up for a class at the Pilates Co. studios to see how great you can feel.

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