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Push your body to its limit through Inland Empire TRX classes

At The Pilates Co., our 50-minute TRX classes are held at our studios in Menifee, Temecula, and Riverside. Our invigorating and challenging Inland Empire sessions will give you the full-body workout that you crave. Our instructors ensure that you stay safe and healthy while taking full advantage of TRX.

Total resistance training, or TRX, was designed by a former U.S. Navy Seal and works your core similar to Pilates. Our studios use the latest equipment to follow this program within a fun, encouraging vibe. These classes utilize an advanced suspension system so that your body weight serves as the resistance. Because we switch up every workout, you will never get bored and will always feel challenged. Our coaches truly want you to get the most out of every workout, and they want you to achieve your goals while having fun. All of our studios are open throughout the week, so it is always easy to find a class at a time that works well with your schedule. To experience the total mind, body and soul experience that you crave, sign up for a free intro class today.

TRX training elevates your fitness

Does your current workout routine leave you feeling unenthusiastic and disappointed? TRX training with The Pilates Co. can shake up your routine. We are thrilled to share the benefits of total resistance exercise training with you. This innovative, effective and fun workout utilizes a safe suspension system that enables your body weight to provide necessary resistance. Our friendly coaches will guide you through the entire workout so that you remain safe while also feeling encouraged and challenged.

Because this type of workout engages your entire body while strengthening your core, you will feel energized from head to toe. We offer classes for all fitness levels, so now is the right time to sign up for your first TRX training class.

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