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Teacher Training

Do you want to try a new workout that’s local to the Inland Empire, that works, and that welcomes every BODY? The Pilates Co. is the place to be! With a Pilates studio in Riverside, Temecula, and Menifee, our fun and friendly classes are never more than a short drive away from you.

The Pilates Co. offers classes that are challenging at every fitness level while still offering an accessible workout everyone can try. Our instructors teach classes for reformer Pilates, TRX suspension training, barre workouts, and mixed-equipment workouts. Each class stretches and strengthens your body within a cardio routine. Our friends who attend our classes regularly not only see real results over time but have fun doing it. 

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When you view your local class schedule and attend a class, you get to experience The Pilates Co. difference. We don’t just give you a great Pilates workout. We give you a fun experience and a real community.

Every one of our instructors has a real love of Pilates and a true passion for sharing that love. From the adjustable difficulty levels each class offers to our convenient class packages, everybody gets to try Pilates at their preferred speed and still grow stronger and healthier.

The Pilates Co. helps you stick to your exercise routine in a fun way. Are you ready to give our friendly studios a visit? Call the location closest to you and sign up today.

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